Academic Results

Mahatma Gandhi University Result

SBCE proudly congratulates students and staff of 8th semester, 2017 for achieving excellent results and for coming on one among the top positions in Mahatma Gandhi University.

Electronics and Communication- 98%

Electrical Engineering – 95%

Civil Engineering – 92%

Computer Science – 92 %


The results of First Semester of KTU has been published and our college is placed at the 22nd position among all colleges and 9th among the Self Financing Colleges. Students and all faculty members are appreciated for bringing this credit to the institution and at the same time they are also wished for bringing still better result next time.

Result of Eighth Semester B.Tech Degree Examination, May/ June  2015(2011 Admission)

M.G. University Eighth Semester B.Tech Degree examination results are published.

Pass percentage of various branches in the college are as follows

Civil Engineering – 92.31%

Electronics and communication Engineering – 84.75 %

Computer Science and Engineering -86.54%

Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 73.70%

Result of First Semester M.Tech Degree Examination, May  2014(2013- 2015 Admission)

Computer Science and Engineering   –   95.7 %

Electronics and Communication Engineering   – 91.3%