Boomithra Club


The Bhoomithra Club of Sree Buddha College of Engineering For Women , Ayathil, Elavumthitta organized a programme on ‘ Awareness of Handloom

Products’ in association with Handloom & Textiles Directorate , Trivandrum and District Industries Department, Pathanamthitta. An elocution competition in Malayalam , painting competition and competition on handloom products were also conducted as a part of it.

The event was inaugurated by Sri. P.T Mathew , General Manager, District Industries Department, Pathanamthitta. Principal Dr . E .Gopalakrishna Sarma,vice principal Dr. K I. Koshy and Sri .C.R . Suresh , Assistant Director, District Industries Department,Pathanamthitta felicitated the event.

A seminar on the topic ‘Importance of Handloom

products’ was handled by handloom designer Sri. P.T .Balakrishnan. The seminar session was very interesting and the winners of the competitions were given prizes in the form of handloom products.

Report of the activities conducted on 10/10/2013 by ‘Bhoomithra Club’

As part of international day celebration for the preservation of Ozone layer Bhoomithra Club of Sree Buddha College of Engineering for Women , Elavumthitta conducted enviro quiz and enviro slogan writing competitions for all students of this college on 10/10/2013.

The events which were conducted are as follows.

1)Enviro Quiz Competition

Out of 14 teams of 2 students each, 5 teams were selected for the final competition and first prize worth Rs.200/- went to students Liya Lekshmi & Erin Prabhu from 5th

semester Electronics and Communication Engineering and the second prize of Rs.100/- went to students Sherin .M . Wilson & Malavika Shaji from 1st year Computer Science and Engineering.

2)Enviro Slogan writing Competition

Out of 9 students , 2 students were selected as winners for the slogan writing competition and first prize worth Rs.200/- went to Monisha Ann Thomas from 1st year

Computer Science and Engineering for the slogan ‘ Reduce Deplection of Ozone,

otherwise you will be in Red Zone. Earth without Ozone is like a house without roof.

Ozone is like a heart, if broken then u will finish’. The second prize worth Rs.100/- went to Siyana. H from 1st year Electrical and Electronics Engineering .

As a whole the program was a great success in promoting awareness among students about the need for environment protection and also the importance of Ozone layer.