MOOCs SWAYAM Courses adopted across all the Programs

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through SWAYAM
Title of the Practice
Introduction of MOOCs Courses under SWAYAM platform for credit transfer across all Programs.
Objective of the Practice
To inculcate the basic philosophy of MOOCs is 3A’s i.e., Anytime, Anyone, Anywhere. The students can participate and earn credit through widely open access online courses via the web having unlimited participation (across various educational institutes of India). The students can earn upto 20% credits in any program through MOOCs courses. This practice also helps in successfully bridging the digital divide and helps the nation move towards information-rich society through good quality faculty. The focus is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by implementing skill based courses through MOOCs.
The Context
The purpose behind adopting SWAYAM (MOOCs) is to discover students learning path by switching to smart education with wider range of accessibility and resources beyond classroom. The initiative promotes easy, attainable and relevant learning with SWAYAM
The Practice
Program Regulations offers flexibility to the students to earn upto 20% credits by providing an option to choose the course from any of the National Coordinators of SWAWAM (MOOCs). These adopted courses can be from University Grants Commission (UGC), NPTEL, Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC), NCERT, IGNOU and many more. Decision of selection of courses from MOOCs is done before the commencement of every semester keeping in mind the demand of current scenario and interest level of the students. SWAYAM revise and notify its courses on June 1 and November 1 of every year.
Students can register in swayam through the link